Environmental Management according to EMAS

Do you know how much paper you use per day? Are you aware that your business trips contribute to global warming? Do you know how and where your office stationary is produced? For sure, you, as a responsible executive or environmental-manager, have already asked yourself these questions and you would like to prepare your enterprise for a sustainable future.

kate offers you an efficient Environmental Management System, which you can adapt to your own individual needs and which will make your daily work easier: Measure all   your energy consumption, the usage of pager, your garbage-recycling routines, your carbon footbrint as well as the results of your supplier surveys. In addition, get your employees and customers on board by using an intelligent system improvement-proposals. Conduct after this process an automated sustainability report.

The individual environment management system designed by kate will free you from time wasting tasks, so that you can concentrate on essential activities: Where are the weeknesses within the company and where can we find saving potentials? How do I define my targets on the way towards a sustainable environmental management?

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