Energy Management

Lack of resources and growing energy costs show us every day that we should be more responsible for the existing resources and that we have to develop new sources of energy in order not to stress even more our future genarations.

Web-based energy-monitoring

Our web-based energy-manager offers you an intelligent and practice-proved instrument which may allow you to manage and evaluate your total consumption in regard to electricity, water or heating. You will be flexible to determine the parameters related to surface area, employees, location, buildings or individual rooms. Discover the hidden „power guzzlers“, learn about the background of climate change and climate balancing and, throughout parameters which you can define yourself in a flexible way, move towards an economical and efficient energy management.


Certification according to ISO 50001 standard

You would like to introduce an energy management system and with that align your enterprise/organisation in a holistic and long-term way to sustainability?

We will support you in the preparation for a successful certification according to ISO 50001 standard.


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