Create Future – the CSR Academy

Score with expert knowledge!
Professional tasks change continously and require special knowledge and regular ongoing education. In a dynamic environment this is noticeable every day. Do you want to belong to the best ones in your field? Are you interested in CSR in tourism, environment, sustainability and climate justice? Do you prefer learning contents, which have been developed by competent and praxis-proved experts?

kate’s CSR Academy can train you in becoming an expert in Climate Justice, Environmental- and Sustainability Management and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Teaching methods, adapted to your needs, an attractive design, interactive realization and continuous reference to practice make learning easier for you, in spite of complex issues. At the end you will receive a qualified certificate. 

CSR Academy – Added Value for you!
Knowledge and action: Leave the theory behind and put it into practice! You can gain knowledge and skills, which you can directly translate into practice. The contents are delivered through a mix of online-learning, presence and practical phases – individually adapted to your specific working evnironment.

Fit for future: 
In our educational and further vocational training you will gain highly-valued knowledge. This way you will be perfectly prepared for important future issues and you will be able to control your personal professional career.