The implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a quality feature that allows even small and medium-sized enterprises to meet future market requirements and enhance their competitiveness. The European policy increasingly encourages the tourism sector to conduct measures of social responsibility. 

Apart from an appropriate corporate culture and a management system this requires highly qualified and motivated employees for the CSR-innovation process. TRAIN-TO-CHANGE acts in line with the challenges of the European labour market identified by the European Commission ("New Skills for New Jobs"): relevant CSR management skills will be taught through part-time and vocational training. 

Through the transfer of an existing training system 100 employees will be qualified as CSR managers and trainers in the partner countries. In the course of the training the CSR managers prepare a sustainability report. This will be done at the workplace which also involves the employers and creates added value for them. 

With TRAIN-TO-CHANGE a European training concept of vocational education and training will be created, incorporating the highly topical issue of Corporate Social Responsibility in tourism and providing sector-specific skills. Partners from 5 countries (Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy and Croatia) work together for 2 years (Oct. 2011 - Sept. 2013) with financial support of the European Commission to achieve those chains. 


The project TRAIN TO CHANGE analyzed the training system to be transferred and determined the need for adjustment. The result is an approach to vocational education and training that responds to current and future labour market needs and provides sector-specific skills and competences.

Those skills will be obtained on the job with the support of ICT (Information and communication technology) and as part of a CSR process of corporate development: Employees of tourism enterprises in five countries will be trained as CSR managers in the context of their jobs in order to act as change agents. The CSR managers will introduce a CSR system in their companies and prepare a sustainability report. Some of these CSR managers run through further training as CSR trainers to acquire the skills to act as multipliers and contribute to further dissemination. A career-long training concept for the qualification of CSR managers will be tested in practice and disseminated in Europe through the partner network.

The testing of the training concept by the target group and in everyday operation promotes their involvement in the development and transfer of the concept. Through education and training of employees in the tourism industry to as CSR managers and - partially - to CSR trainers the target group itself plays a key role in the long-term development and adaptation of the qualification system to future labour market needs.
Product information
The project TRAIN-TO-CHANGE will transfer a sector specific webbased guideline for CSR managers in tourism. The guide provides an introduction and constant reference to the implementation of a CSR process in tourist business.

A similar webbased guideline for CSR trainers will be adjusted. This guide will contain methodological and didactic instructions, in order to communicate CSR content in tourism companies.

Training concepts for in-service training of CSR managers and trainers will be adapted to the tourism sector and applied in the project partnership.

In the course of the training all participating CSR managers will create a CSR report for their company.


kate Umwelt & Entwicklung (DE)
Naturefriends International (AT)
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (ES)
Associazione Italiana Turismo Responsabile (IT)
Croatian Youth Hostel Association (HR)
European Alliance for Responsible Tourism and Hospitality – EARTH (BE)
Lega Nazionale delle Cooperative e Mutue (Legacoop) (IT)


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