Our leading idea

Naturally fair
We take on responsibility by conviction and we make a contribution to a fair world. The consistent implementation of human rights is the basis for peace and justice.

A simply better living
We are committed with passion to ambitious environmental protection and international climate justice. We are working for a lifestyle characteristic which composes of a low use of resources, leading to happiness and quality of life without aiming for unlimited material growth. We emphasize on sufficiency and do not want to live a life at the costs of others.

Fair intercultural change
Through an intercultural dialogue with our business partners we raise awareness for the need of a radical democratic change and a new social contract. As world citizens we participate in the construction of a better and more sustainable society all over the world.

Management in solidarity
We practice cooperation and solidarity and we overcome competition and ruthlessness. Our work is customer-tailored, responsible and innovative. As an enterprise we are orientated towards the common good and we continuously improve our quality and effectiveness. We are sensitive to our partners’ and stakeholders’ requirements; therefor we regularly evaluate our own performance.