About us

We do not only know what we are talking about, we also transfer our knowledge directly into practice.
This might be fair-trade organic coffee in our office kitchen, a hotel for insects and a herb-garden on our balcony, a filing-tray made out of recycled plastic bottles or our daily way to work by public transport – we do not only talk about sustainability and climate justice, we also live these issues in our day to day with total conviction and passion! We only work with suppliers, who offer biological and recycled products as well as those who can prove a transparent and fair supply chain.
For our business trips by plane we pay an additional compensatory fee. We know how to move in the label- jungle and our aim is that sustainability becomes a social value.

Make use of our excellent special knowledge and our practical experience gained over the years – kate exists since 1997. We offer you real added value that will help your organisation to be in a leading position.

From knowledge to action